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1041 SKurkovSKurkov Рука руку моет. Или отмазывает? В конце июня средства массовой информации сообщили, что лишился своего поста начальник управления Федерал
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1044 GafAccorgorerGafAccorgorer  
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1046 AEnritefeAEnritefe  
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1048 BelaThesBleseBelaThesBlese For the remainder of 2005 and into 2006, the greatest affect on construction costs may well be the result of natural - and not man-made - forces. This year Hurricane Katrina caused at least $125 billion in economic damage and could cost the insurance i
1049 ElizabethcjpElizabethcjp
1050 mopzmopz This is the percentage of people in the society who are sure that happiness can be estimated in money